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ISRO Poster Design

A detailed illustration that captures the essence of ISRO in all its glory through its comic book style rendition. The illustration highlights the different contributions made by India’s sharpest minds in the form of Engineers, Scientists, Astronauts which led to an insurmountable number of successful missions in space exploration. 

I wanted to highlight all the greatest aspects of ISRO in this artwork, the people behind it, the glory of our launch vehicles and the endless possibilities in space exploration. It took me quite some time to craft this illustration, resulting in a beautiful culmination of all the great things ISRO represents. And, with its unique art style, it just looks like a page out of a dreamy comic book denoting the unimaginable and the impossible!

Client : Indian Space Reasearch Organization

Sector : Illustration, Product Design

Tools : Adobe Photoshop

Duration: 3 Weeks

The Poster adapted into a 1000 piece puzzle by Jigsaw Nation

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