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The Field Guide

This project is a humoristic take on a fictional world based in the future after global warming has affected it drastically. It takes a spin on how the human race would survive in these conditions through the technology of Human Genetic Modification which is developing in the present time. I have specifically focused on Character Designs which combine Humans and different species of animals capable of thriving in this harsh world, leading to the creation of Human-Animal Hybrids based in Mumbai. I have incorporated the different personalities found there and presented them with supporting information on how to deal with such characters in a humoristic way. This project was a way to combine my skills in Illustration with Graphic design, resulting in a unique product. 

Academic Project 

Sector : Illustration, Graphic Design

Tools : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

Duration: 2 Months

Case Study

The Poster adapted into a 1000 piece puzzle by Jigsaw Nation

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