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Rorschach test: "A type of projective test used in psychoanalysis, in which a standard set of symmetrical inkblots of different shapes and colours is presented one by one to the subject, who is asked to describe what they suggest or resemble." 

Using this fascinating technique, I was tasked to bring out the uniqueness of the Galapagos animals, specifically a marine iguana,  also known as the Godzilla of Galapagos islands and The Blue-Footed Booby. I had to understand the Rorschach technique to bring out the best result, I experimented on paper with ink and made my own Rorschach tests, once I understood the process, I made the final output digitally keeping in mind the traits and properties of the animals. 

Client : Animal Planet

Sector : Illustration, Product Design

Tools : Adobe Photoshop

Duration: 2 Weeks 

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